Awkward Pose (Chair Pose)

Awkward Pose Tips:

Part 1:
  • Weight in heels.
  • Chest up.
  • Toes, heels, knees, and thumbs approximately hips width apart.
  • Similar to standing cobra posture.  "Push" your upper body back.

Part 2:
  • Hips will be a little above the knees (not quite parallel thighs).
  • Spine straight (don't lean forward).
  • High on the toes with core engaged and straight spine is more important than depth of sitting.

Part 3:
  • Keep knees and thighs squeezing together throughout.
  • Knees slightly down and forward.
  • Hips 1/2 inch off heels in final posture.
  • Thumbs approximately 6 inches apart, with all fingers together and arms tight and parallel to floor.