Standing Bow Pulling Pose

Standing Bow Pulling Tips:
  • Do not kick until your inner thighs are squeezing together.
  • Kick straight back and up without letting the knee go out to the side.
  • Lift your front shoulder to the chin.
  • Keep your eyes focused straight ahead (not at the floor).
  • Relax your back arm and keep your front arm stretching forward.
  • If you find yourself losing balance, lift your front arm a little and kick harder.
  • The harder you kick, you will have to stretch your front arm further.
  • Try to keep your kicking foot in a vertical line (heel-to-toe), and keep the kicking toe pointing up in the middle of the head.
  • Don't twist the hips. 
  • The right kicking foot will want to go over the left side of the head, and the left kicking foot will want to go over the right side of the head.  Do not let this happen.