Half Moon Pose with Hands to Feet Pose

Half Moon Pose Tips:

Side Bend:

  • Keep arms with the ears (or behind ears) and back.  Do not collapse shoulders or chest.
  • Chin slightly away from chest, eyes looking straight ahead.
  • Weight in the heels.
  • Strong, engaged legs.
  • Hips tight and slightly forward.
  • Two hips in one line (you may have to bring the "outside" hip slightly forward).
  • Two shoulders in one line (you may have to bring the bottom shoulder slightly forward).
  • Chest slightly forward and lifting.
  • Palms together.
  • Think in terms of lengthening and not just "tipping over".

Back Bend:
  • Weight in heels.
  • Legs, hips, stomach, and bottom strong and forward.
  • Think in terms of lengthening and stretching back and not just "tipping over".
  • Lift chest (imagine a block is on top of your chest).
  • Keep arms with the ears.
  • Keep arms straight and hands together.

Hands to Feet Pose Tips:

  • Keep shoulders down and relaxed, away from the ears.
  • Try to get elbows all the way behind the calf muscles before you start lifting your hips.
  • Keep the "sandwich effect", with stomach on thighs, chest pushing the knees backward, and nose in between the shins.
  • The "sandwich effect" is more important than getting the legs straight.
  • Relax your hips up, and relax your lower back.
  • Keep your eyes open, face relaxed, and keep breathing.