Separate Leg Stretching Pose

Separate Leg Stretching Tips:
  • Relax your hips up and slightly forward.
  • "Roll forward" into the balls of the feet, and don't pull too hard until both legs are straight and engaged.
  • Don't scrunch the shoulders.
  • Beginners may place the hands in between the feet, with thumbs about 12 inches apart, and bring the elbows slightly in, and then back and down.
  • Elbows should hug the shins if the grip is underneath the outside of the foot.
  • Elbows should hug the calf muscles if the grip is underneath the heel.
  • If the forehead easily touches, then shorten the stance to make the posture more challenging.
  • If the forehead does not touch, then open the feet slightly more.
  • If you suffer from sciatica pain, then keep the toes and heels parallel. If not, then bring the toes in slightly.